Religious Scientists, Imams and Preachers of the Sunnis Are the Victim of Treachery Militias

Translated to English by: Abdulateef Alzubaidy/The Arab Center HR Since The American Invasion Of Iraq Accompanied By Iranian Penetration, Which Mess Up In Iraq , A Series Of Targeting Religious Scientists, Preachers And Imams Of The Sunnis Who Witness To Them In The High Science And The High Place, So The Iranian Intelligence Prepared Lists And Handed Over To The Militias That Carried Out The Assassination ...

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Hadi al-Ameri, leader of the Iraqi Shia Badr organization”Forget that Diyala province is Sunni”

(Special report)Written by: Abdulateef AlZubaidy Why this focus on Diyala province: After the Iraqi government regained the province of Diyala from "ISIS" control, immediately after this liberation, Shiite militias resumed their operations in the province. Asa'ib Ahl al-haq, Badr organization, Hizb Alla - Iraq and Khorasan, Are the most prominent of the Iraqi militias behind the (killings, kidnappings and d ...

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«Tal Afar» .. Between the hell of forced displacement and execution in the field

  Special Report - Arab Center for Human Rights: Since 2003, Tal Afar district has been subjected to attacks by Iranian-backed militias in order to bring about a demographic change targeting Sunni Arabs and Turkman for the benefit of Shia with significant Iranian support. Iran has exploited current events in favor of this project, which Iran has developed to be a road project that provides Iran with a ...

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